From Shahabnaama..Pakistan & ISLAM

02 Apr



Most of our “desi liberal” change the History by claiming that “Pakistan ka matlab kiya… LaIllah Illillah” was “manufactured” by Zia Ul Haq.  But Below we see selection of very authentic book  “ShahabNama” wirtten by Qudratullah Shab. This is the story when he was the Principal Secretary of President Ayub Khan and when 1962 constitution was passed:


After the passing of 1962 constitution, I noticed something
peculiar that in all the documents of
the government, the word ‘Islam’ was
not written with the name of Pakistan.
First, I thought that it might be an
error in the drafting, but after some
days I came to know that the error was
repeated several times and it seemed
more intentional than unintentional. I
wrote a note to President Ayub Khan to
allow me to write a letter to all the
ministries about this frequent error.
One evening, He came to me and told me
that it is not an error but we have
taken this decision with a general
consensus. President Ayub Khan told
me that the name of Pakistan will be
“Republic of Pakistan” instead of
“Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. If I
had the courage, I would have asked
him : “Who are you to eliminate the
word ‘Islam’ from the name of
Pakistan?” However I came back home
and wrote a two pages note, the
summary of which is as following:

Pakistan has no escape from Islam. The
history of this country is very old
but its geography is new. The
Red-cliff line between Pakistan and
India was drawn for the purpose that
we acquired this piece of land on the
name of Islam. If now Islam is erased
from the name of Pakistan, the
limitation of this line will have no
meaning. We became Pakistan for the
sole reason that we are Muslims. If
Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Iraq and
Turkey eliminate Islam from their
lives, they would still retain their
identity as Afghans, Irani, Egyptian,
Iraqi and Turks. But if we,
Pakistanis, try to escape from Islam,
Pakistan will not have any distinction
of its own. Now, if Islam suits our
luxurious life or not, Islam fits to
our way of life or not, We personally
follow Islam or not, the truth is that
whether for the sake of saving our
hereafter or for the worldly profit
and selfishness, we are compelled to
keep Pakistan and Islam parallel to
each other for the sake of the long
lasting of Pakistan. Due to the
illiteracy of others, there is no need
to go into the inferiority complex

In addition to this note, I also wrote a resignation letter to resign
if this note is not accepted. Next Day
President Ayub came to me to tell me
something, He sat infront of me and
took that note from my hand and
started reading it. After reading few
sentences, his facial expressions
changed suddenly and he started
reading from the beginning again.Then
he said slowly: “Yes, Right You Are”
and repeated this sentence again, and
hence the word ‘Islam’ was added to
the name of Pakistan. 


(Excerpt from Shahabnama)


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