Is Punjab Police kidnapping Baloch?

07 Apr

Today, I saw a clip of “Capital talk” by Hameed Mir, In which he show an interview of BNP(M) leader Zulfiqar Mulghani. On this clip, Programme title was given “Punjab Police Involved In Baloch Missing Person’s Kidnappings “.

Here is the clip:

This title and allegation was a very strange to me, as I am a Baloch and living in Punjab.

After this, according to Dawn News Two senior DIGs will also be the member of this committee that will review the charges leveled by Zulfiqar Baloch, member of BNP (Mengal Group), alleging that Punjab police was allegedly involved in the kidnapping of the Baloch.

Who is Zulfiqar Milgani: 

Zulifqar Milghani is member of BNP-M (Balochsitan national party,Mangel Group), belongs to district D G Khan which is located in Punjab.

In this clip,incident with ZM was misquoted by Hamid Meer, and also gave a wrong impression.


Although Hamid Mir in his show claim that BNP is a political party which do not support freedom struggle (he is right at this point) ,but he did not ask Zulfiqar Milgani that had he any clue that why he was taken in custody.

Mr Zulfiqar Milgani in local news papers of Dist. D G Khan gave statements in the support the american congress resolution about Balochistan.

After this statement he was taken in custody by the intelligence agencies, with the help of punjab police. BNP`s statement in balochistan local news papers (daily duniya) says that Zulfiqar Milghani is taken in custody by intelligence agencies.

After the investigation by the intelligence agencies, he was set free within a week.

Wrong Impression of this clip:

The impression of this clip is as  Punjab police is “kidnapping Baloch”. We can see the title of this video “”SHOCKING FINDING”” , and the way Punjab police made the committee on this issue also prove this impression.

Mr Zulfiqar Milghani is a Baloch but living in punjab, If a Baloch living in Punjab will do a crime or required for any kind of investigation, certainly punjab police will operate not “Balochistan police” will come in punjab to investigate that matter.

We already know that there is a allot of hatred in Baloch and Balochistan against punjabis. Allot of people were killed because they were punabis and living in Balochistan. Its better that our media show more care in showing such interviews.

No doubt, unlike other news shows, Hamid Mir do not do long interview of Baloch so called “freedom fighters”(Hairbyar and Barghadagh), its good, but in this show it looks he convey a wrong message.


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