18 “Hazara” or “Settlers” killed in Turbat bus attack??

06 Jul

Express tribune 1st mentioned that “Shia pilgrims” Killed in an attack in Turbut. Latter they changed the “shia pilgrims” to “Travelers”, but present the story with selective details to show that as “Hazara killing”.

This story was updated on Etribune almost one hour ago (9:30 PM).

BUT here are “Baloch fake Ids” reporting:

Now news are coming that these “Fake ids” are right, those people were Punjabis, not Hazras…

But Some things should be noted:

1. This incident was happened near “16:00” PST, almost in same time “Baloch fake ids” published this on twitter. But Express tribune(although the 1st Pakistani news site) publish this news  after 5hours but with wrong information and details.

2. Its very sad to our so rich media groups network are week than the  “Baloch fake ids” networks. They are not only fast in sending news via social media, they also distort the fact like they did here.

3. Pakistan image is already not good in internationally, our media groups need more responsibility in publishing the news, but un fortunetelly they are adding more fuel on this. Wrong information with wrong details bring more damage.

4 . And after confirming that those were Punjabi, our social media & English press journalist, AKA fake Liberals will become completely silent on this, as than this will not be related to “religion”. They will become silent and also the slogan “Silent on Shia Genocide” will not be used for “Silent on Punjabi genocide”,but they will remain silent on this!


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