Propaganda Against Akber Bugti

24 Aug

In earlier Post I exposed the Propaganda of Baloch fake ids & BLA literature about the Balochistan and Pakistan joining.

This same group also title Akber bugti as “Saheed-E-Balochistan” and Claim that Akber Bugti fight and gave his life for the “Freedom of Balochisstan”. Fact is Akber Bugti(like Khan of Kalat during 1947 ) never used “Free Balochistan” or “Greater Balochistan” slogans, nor the tried for these.

Akber bugti in his Speech rejected the BLA literature claim about Balochistan merger with Pakistan, Its strange, that BLA use the name of Akber bugti as “Shaheed E Balochistan” but do not follow his views about Balochistan History.

Similarly, about Dera Bugti operation, BLA literature claim that Akber Bugti fought for the freedom of Balochistan, which is also wrong and against the views of Akber bugti views. Akber Bugti did not used “Azadi Slogan” in any time during his fight against Military operation, till his last breath he did not ask for freedom in any interview to local media and international media.

Here is Video clip of Akber Bugti Speech in Balochi (its said that is his speech before his martyrdom)

During this speech, Akber Bugti did not use any word against Pakistan, He asked for the Resistance for Baloch rights, but also clearly mentioned “resistance does not mean war”, nor he asked the people ( like hairbyar and other militants ) to come out of their homes and fight with the government.

Even if you dont under stand the Balochi, here is clue, Just check the video from 4:15 onward, and see how the “voice of akber bugti is changed at 4:20 in support of “Baloch resistance movement” 🙂



One response to “Propaganda Against Akber Bugti

  1. Saleem

    August 27, 2012 at 7:57 am

    AKber bugti was fighting for Bugtis not for Balochistan: Khan of Kalat


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