Reply:An embedded media by Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

24 Sep


Mir Sohaib Mengal (of BSO-Azad) Mohammad Ali Talpur, wrote in   Daily Times, and these both writers often wrote anti-Pakistan articles.


Mr Ali Talpur  in Daily times wrote about 14 August celebrations in Balochistan , like BLA minded people blame Pakistan media for “ignoring the ground realities”.

After many years, this year 14-Aug celebrations in Balochistan were in very good level as compared to previous 10 years. Unlike previous years, not only FC or Government officials, this time common people of Balochistan also celebrate independence day celebrations.
Balochistan Times in its blog show Independence day celebrations being celebrated in all fields of life.

Mr Talpur praise Daily times that they are neutral in covering Balochistan incidents, and blame all other media that they are sold and only show establishment/State point of view. But fact is in Pakistani media, only Dawn news published a very good and positive report on 14 August celebrations in Balochistan ,and  Except PTV, no other news Channel nor any news site mentioned Son of Khan of Kalat message on Independence day.

While Express Tribune mentioned celebrations news with Bomb blast news in one report, in another report only mentioned bomb blast news again , this Shows that they give more coverage to bomb blast (which was minor) than the Independence celebration.(Express tribune mostly do bias and anti Pakistan reporting about Balochistan)

Ali Talpur further wrote that the problems of Balochistan journalists and blame security forces for this,and mentioned few journalists name but he cleverly missed Ayub Tareen who was threatened By BLF and Abdul Qadir Hajizai who was killed by BLF .

Mr Ali Talpur claimed that Media has always vigorously projected the ‘security state’ ideals, looks funny and very bias when we see the Pakistani media behavior in covering 14-august celebrations in Balochistan. And mentioning the half facts also shows that why he is famous among “BLA-Social” team.


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