Mashkay Operation—Some More Details

02 Jan

Baloch militants killed allot of civilians in Balochistan. According to HRW report, atleast 22 teachers & other education personnel were killed by Baloch militants between January 2008 and October 2010.

Bahram Baloch, Victim of BLF

Baloch militants victims are not only Punjabi settlersand punjab school teacher, these militants killed many Baloch too.These Baloch are declared as “State agent” or “Government informer” by these so-called freedom fighers, and this declaration give enough authority to these Baloch militants to kill him. Bahram Baloch is one of those Baloch who was killed by BLF after declaring state agent.

Mashkay is is the home town of BLF chief Dr Allah Nazar. Not only Bahram Baloch, According to HRCP releases list BLF is main culprit in killing Baloch activist and political leaders.

BLF terrorist group not only threaten the BBC corresponding but also killed Vsh TV reporter Abdul Qadir Hajizai.

On July-6-2012, BFL killed 19 coach passengers Dasht area

19 coach passengers

This is the real face of BLF. These all killings mentioned here all are civilians. I am not mentioning BLF attacks on security forces which some apologist may referred as “reaction”, but these civilians had done no crime against BLF.

These all facts shows that BLF is not different than TTP (thereek E Talban E Pakistan)

What a normal people suggest, should security forces, stay calm and leave innocent people in the hand of blood thirsty BLF or do actions to stop these terrorists ??

When ever security forces lunch an operation against these terrorists, we see a propaganda based on fake news stories with fake photos started on internet to prove that Pakistan army is killing innocent women and children, not the terrorists.

Protest against Mashkay Operation:

The protests against the Mashky Operation are happened outside the Balochistan, either in London or in Karachi.Not a single protest held in Balochistan any city where more than 50 people gathered in support of these terrorists. This shows the love for these “freedom fighters” in Balochistan.


3 responses to “Mashkay Operation—Some More Details

  1. M Ali Khan

    January 3, 2013 at 8:54 am

    Wonderful post!

    Suffice to say, the effectiveness of these twitter shormachars online is actually reducing. Apart from the usual baloongrey (Tarek Fatah, Salma Jaffar) endorsing their flimsy, questionable, and highly dubious claims, no one takes them as seriously now as much as the hype they got a year or so back.

    Good job 🙂 see the comments I posted to punk Tarek Fatah on his ridiculous blog for Huffington Post on Mashkay operation 🙂

    and look at this piece of garbage written here.

  2. @H_Balouch

    January 3, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Thanks Ali for your comment here and there 🙂

  3. Inaam Ullah

    May 4, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Guys keep it up i was much worried about the issue but after reading some material here Thanks Allah now I am feeling better. Allah bless you ]


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