Balochistan Election and Propaganda Masters

18 May

Election 2013 in Balochistan was more successful as compared to the Election 2008.

In 2008, Voters turn out was 32 %, while in 2013 voters turn out in Balochistan was in between 34 to 40 %.

But still anti-Pakistan propaganda remain active on social media about this election.

Balochistan Election 2013, In Photos:

Polling In Qutter

Women In Turber


(All photos taken from Balochistan local newspaper, Daily Qudrat)


Propaganda Against Election:

1. One of Leading “Fake Baloch Id tweet:

Fake Photo of Election

This photo is not from Balochistan.

2. A “Liberal Fascist” blogger tweet this photo and claim its from Balochistan:

Ali Nateq fake Photo


This photo was taken during BNF rally in Lyari, Karachi.

3. Sana Baloch claim that Pakistani Media is “criminally” silent on BNP protest against rigging in Balochistan:

BNP Protest

Fact is all news channels shows report about this protest, also Print media of Pakistan mentioned this protest in their reports: Dawn ; Nation ; Tribune ; Pakistan today


2 responses to “Balochistan Election and Propaganda Masters

  1. M Ali Khan

    May 21, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    BNP-M is crying foul despite the fact their electoral strength was minimal to begin with. They had been absent from grassroots level work for years and their leadership preferred exile rather than staying home and being practical about it.

    Even Malik Siraj Akbar has said Akhtar Mengal’s reaction over his party’s expected lack of success is rather unjust.


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