Malik Siraj Lies About Imran Khan

03 Jan

Imran Khan in Quetta

Yet another propaganda base piece by Malik Siraj Akber, this time he pick Imran Khan.

On Baloch Hal blog, First Malik Siraj twist Imran Khan statement than to make his propaganda post more colourful he added Drone, talban and USA issue in that.

Mr Siraj just pick half line of Imran Khan statement which he gave after coming from his India`s visit.

According to the link Mr Siraj gave about Imran Khan speech, clearly state that Imran Said “Delhi believe Pakistan is involve in Kashmir and Islamabad says that India is involve in Balochistan”. No where Imran Khan states that he believe that India is involve in Balochistan, He just expressed the views of both capitals.

But Mr Siraj take this statement as if Imran Khan gave this verdict that India is involve in Balochistan.

Mr Siraj further try to make Imran Khan as spoke person of ISPR, before going on that , Malik Siraj also need to reconsider his judgement that most Baloch take Pakistan as ‘foreign’ force in Balochistan. If it was true than more than 20,000 Balochistan locals were not going to join Pakistan army.

Other than this, Balochistan ex-CM Akhter Magel also believe that foreign countries are involved in Balochistan, even anti Pakistan journalist Masti Khan also write about Indian involvement in Balochistan.

Mr Siraj declare Imran Khan as Talban apologist as he oppose military operation in FATA , but the complete truth is Imran Khan oppose military operation whether its FATA or its Balochistan, While Mr Siraj oppose military operation in Balochistan and declare others Talban apologist if they oppose military operation in FATA, but Imran Khan dont have double standards like Malik Siraj.

Imran Khan is against Operation in Balochistan, against the “death squads” in Balochistan, against the extra judiciary missing of peoples, all these are pro-establishment  are anti establishment stance ? Judge yourself.



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