FC important partner in socio-economic development of Balochistan

22 May




Frontier Corps Balochistan has made its presence felt in a positive way in the largest province of Pakistan by running schools and colleges, providing medical facilities to patients and coming to aid of earthquake affectees in Awaran.
The FC is playing an important role in the promotion of education in Balochistan with an aim to win hearts and minds of the people.
According to Frontier Corps Balochistan sources, it has been running six colleges and 33 schools in the province, in which over 13,000 students were presently getting education, 1,409 of them studying freely. The number of students in FC run schools will be raised upto 15000 in near future.
Some 400 local teachers have also been provided jobs in FC schools with free boarding, lodging, medical and transportation facilities.
While 14 students are sponsored by the force to study in renowned educational institutions. The FC has provided hostel facility for over 300 students at five different locations including Loralai, Muslim Bagh, Zhob, Khuzdar and Dera Bugti.
During the earthquake relief operations in Awaran last year, the FC was the first institution, which responded to the natural calamity. FC took up the challenge as an opportunity to earn good will of masses.

A total of 1739 troops participated in earthquake relief activities.
It provided 5892 ration bags, distributed 14 relief goods trucks, 600 cartons of medicines and 425 shelters. FC provided specialist medical facilities to the people in far-flung areas of the province.
According to available data, from 2011 to 2013, the FC provided medical facilities to 89,284 patients in 212 free camps across Balochistan.

In the year 2011, FC held 72 free camps providing treatment to 28753 patients, in the year 2012, 89 camps were set up and 30045 patients were treated.

In 2013, 51 camps were established where 30486 patients got treatment.
In close coordination with Home and Tribal Affairs Department of Government of Balochistan, FC has imparted training to 1533 personnel of Police Prisons Staff as well as Levies and Balochistan Constabulary in 11 batches. FC provides training to law enforcement agencies on a regular basis.
During the year 2012 and 2013, FC trained 1380 Levies personnel in seven batches. While in 2013 it trained 103 personnel of Police Prison Staff in three batches and in the same year, it trained 50 personnel of Balochistan Constabulary in a single batch.
FC’s anti narco operations have continued alongside other duties with considerable success. From the year, 2011 to 2013, FC recovered narcotics worth Rs.5268 million and arrested 50 criminals selling the illegal substances.
The force recovered 84600 kilograms of heroin, morphine, hashish, opium and chemicals.
The force also recovered 176,335 kgs of ammunition and 48,518 tons of explosive material from criminals. In its efforts to check illegal human trafficking, the FC Balochistan arrested 16,033 persons, including 14,972 Afghanis, 862 Pakistanis, 154 Bengalis and 34 Iranians.


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