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Brainwashing on Balochistan issue

By : Imran Jamali


Brainwashing of people across Pakistan, both on provincial and national levels, is going on seemingly under well thought out plan. For example, other parts of the country are injected with disinformation that the ongoing struggle in Balochistan is for the basic rights of the people as if there are enough rights or everything available to the people in interior Sindh, Punjab, KPK and FATA.
On the provincial level this brainwashing is extremely effective where the masses are fed with the fairy tales of Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan. The propagandists don’t use the term “forceful annexation”, which is unfairly propagated on the national television screens in Pakistan. In the province it is even worse.
This is carried out by different methods. There are anti-Pakistan books easily available in cities and districts of Balochistan, which support the Indian narration of history
The domestic newspapers and political seminars, by using the banner of Baloch Students Organization-Azad, are extremely lethal in manufacturing hardcore militants out of hatred for Pakistan. The trend needs to be arrested by our policy makers. There is a need for a national debate on the Balochistan issue as early as possible.




Pakistan hands Balochistan meddling proof to India

Balochistan in India_1

ISLAMABAD – Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani on Saturday said that evidence regarding involvement of India in Balochistan unrest had been presented to New Delhi and it should move ahead for dialogue process rather than indulging in bale game.

Talking to reporters here after attending a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, foreign secretary said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif raised this issue with Indian Premier Manmohan Singh in their New York meeting.

“Pakistan also presented the evidence of foreign hands in Balochistan violence before the relevant forum,” he said, without naming the forum. “We have provided the evidence to whom it was needed to be provided,” he said, adding that this evidence has already been presented before the Senate of Pakistan.

Balochistan in India_2
The secretary said Pakistan would continue raising all the issues including Kashmir, water and terrorism with India at all forums. But, he stressed that there was dire need that all issues with India should be resolved through dialogue. “There is no option other than dialogue to resolve all issues,” he said, adding that Pakistan wanted negotiated settlement of all outstanding issues with India including Kashmir.

Some of our Indian brothers don't know how to make a real Baloch profile.
He opined the issue of terrorism could not be resolved through blame game and both countries should make efforts to get rid of it. “Terrorism is as serious concern for Pakistan as that for India,” he said. He urged India to come to negotiating table instead of making hue and cry and levelling baseless allegations against Pakistan.
To a question, the foreign secretary said the prime minister would raise the issue of drone attacks during his upcoming meeting with US President Barack Obama and the issue would be raised at all other relevant forums as well. Pakistan considers that drone strikes are against its sovereignty and integrity, and the same sense prevailed within the UN against the drone attacks, he said. He informed UN Secretary General Ban Ki Mon had recently expressed his concern over drone attacks.


Pleasant Changes In Balochistan


Pro Pakistani Tweets From BLA Cyber Team:

BLA Cyber Team Appreciat Pakistan and did Pro-Pakistani Tweets (2)

BLA Cyber Team Appreciat Pakistan and did Pro-Pakistani Tweets (1)


Pakistan Army Cheif In Sui:

Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani inaugurated Sui Miltary College In 2011 With CM Balochistan that time Aslam Raisani

Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani inaugurated Sui Miltary College In 2011 With CM Balochistan that time Aslam Raisani

Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in Sui Miltary College In 2013 With CM Balochistan Dr Malik

Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in Sui Miltary College In 2013 With CM Balochistan Dr Malik


Anti BLA Slogans in Balochistan:

Anti BLA Salogans In Balochistan 2


Anti BLA Salogans In Balochistan 1


Baloch Love For Pakistan Army :

#Pakistan army Jawan with Baloch Youngsters #Balochistan

Old Baloch Woman Love for Pakistan Army Solider


Media show this or Not, But Young Baloch is Watching All This:

Young Baloch With Pakistani Fags


Balochistan Election and Propaganda Masters

Election 2013 in Balochistan was more successful as compared to the Election 2008.

In 2008, Voters turn out was 32 %, while in 2013 voters turn out in Balochistan was in between 34 to 40 %.

But still anti-Pakistan propaganda remain active on social media about this election.

Balochistan Election 2013, In Photos:

Polling In Qutter

Women In Turber


(All photos taken from Balochistan local newspaper, Daily Qudrat)


Propaganda Against Election:

1. One of Leading “Fake Baloch Id tweet:

Fake Photo of Election

This photo is not from Balochistan.

2. A “Liberal Fascist” blogger tweet this photo and claim its from Balochistan:

Ali Nateq fake Photo


This photo was taken during BNF rally in Lyari, Karachi.

3. Sana Baloch claim that Pakistani Media is “criminally” silent on BNP protest against rigging in Balochistan:

BNP Protest

Fact is all news channels shows report about this protest, also Print media of Pakistan mentioned this protest in their reports: Dawn ; Nation ; Tribune ; Pakistan today


Internal Fights: BSO Azad Official Website becomes inactive


Official Announcement:

Due to constitutional issues within the organisation, the official website will remain inactive till the issues are solved. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The site will be back once all the constitutional issues within the organisation are solved.

بی ایس او آزاد کے اندر حالیہ آئینی بحران کی وجہ سے بی ایس او آزاد کا آفیشل ویب سائٹ مسائل کے حل تک غیر فعال رہے گا۔



Mashkay Operation—Some More Details

Baloch militants killed allot of civilians in Balochistan. According to HRW report, atleast 22 teachers & other education personnel were killed by Baloch militants between January 2008 and October 2010.

Bahram Baloch, Victim of BLF

Baloch militants victims are not only Punjabi settlersand punjab school teacher, these militants killed many Baloch too.These Baloch are declared as “State agent” or “Government informer” by these so-called freedom fighers, and this declaration give enough authority to these Baloch militants to kill him. Bahram Baloch is one of those Baloch who was killed by BLF after declaring state agent.

Mashkay is is the home town of BLF chief Dr Allah Nazar. Not only Bahram Baloch, According to HRCP releases list BLF is main culprit in killing Baloch activist and political leaders.

BLF terrorist group not only threaten the BBC corresponding but also killed Vsh TV reporter Abdul Qadir Hajizai.

On July-6-2012, BFL killed 19 coach passengers Dasht area

19 coach passengers

This is the real face of BLF. These all killings mentioned here all are civilians. I am not mentioning BLF attacks on security forces which some apologist may referred as “reaction”, but these civilians had done no crime against BLF.

These all facts shows that BLF is not different than TTP (thereek E Talban E Pakistan)

What a normal people suggest, should security forces, stay calm and leave innocent people in the hand of blood thirsty BLF or do actions to stop these terrorists ??

When ever security forces lunch an operation against these terrorists, we see a propaganda based on fake news stories with fake photos started on internet to prove that Pakistan army is killing innocent women and children, not the terrorists.

Protest against Mashkay Operation:

The protests against the Mashky Operation are happened outside the Balochistan, either in London or in Karachi.Not a single protest held in Balochistan any city where more than 50 people gathered in support of these terrorists. This shows the love for these “freedom fighters” in Balochistan.


Fake Photos about Mashkay Operation by BLA Cyber Team

Earlier, Baloch Fake Ids did  propaganda about Singsela Operation.Now these ids are doing same kind of propaganda about Mashkay Operation.

Here are the reality of the fake photos spread by BLA cyber team about Maskay Operation:

1.) Photo from Facebook page & Twitter Id:

Mashkay Operation_1_1

In actual this photo is from Afghanistan:

Mashkay Operation_1_2

2.) Gojra tragedy photo:

Mashkay Operation_2Another Facebook id spreading the same Photo:

Mashkay Operation_2-2

3.) Fake Photo about Mashkay Operation dead bodies:

Mashkay Operation_3

Original Photo is from June 23-2012Mashkay Operation_3_2


4.) Fake Photo claiming women dead Bodies in Mashkay Operation:

Mashkay Op_4

Original Photo is from May 2011 Kharotabad incident:Mashkay Op_4_1

(Photo Link)


It is stated in previous blog that:

If Baloch Militants attack on security forces,these IDs claim that “Baloch freedom fighter” attacked on “occupied forces”. If security forces attack on Militants, they claim this as “Pakistan army is killing innocent Baloch”.