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Who Is The Travelling Agent of Mansoor Baloch

Mansoor Baloch, President of BRP- UK (Brahamdagh Bugti Political party) did allot of protests in different countries. But question is who is paying for these international trips to ??






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Rift between Baloch militant groups

Baloch Sardars

Relative of Three famous Baloch Sardars are heading three different Baloch Militants Group. These three sardars also had political and tribal fights with each other in past.

Sunday, April 07, 2013 – Although some foreign elements have been maintaining unanimity among various Baloch militant groups to continue subversive acts in the province of Balochistan in order to dismember Pakistan, yet besides other insurgent outfits, rift has especially been widened between the leaders of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and United Balochistan Army (UBA) due to personal rivalries and jealousies.

Harbiyar Marri’s lust for power and desire to exercise total control over BLA so as to project himself as its absolute leader compelled Zarman Marri to establish his own militant outfit, namely, UBA which was formed with the approval of Khair Bux Marri. And formation of UBA has diluted the collective power of BLA. It is notable that Zarman is brother-in-law of separatist leader, Brahamdagh Bugti, having close relationship with him, while the BRA-UBA nexus through Brahamdagh, has resulted into the joint militant activities such as targeted killings, suicide attacks, bomb blasts, hostage-takings and assaults on the security personnel including Hazara communities. Their militants kidnapped and massacred many innocent people—teachers, professors, lawyers etc. Besides targeting Punjabis and other ethnic minorities in the province, they also kidnapped Iranian and Chinese nationals. They arranged subversive acts in the Iranian Sistan-Baluchistan. In this regard, Tehran had directly named CIA for funding of terrorist attacks. However, these insurgent groups which are being supported by American CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad have claimed responsibility for many acts of sabotage. Based in Afghanistan, these secret agencies also supply arms and weapons to these separatist elements, as Pakistan’s civil and military leadership has repeatedly disclosed this fact. In the recent past, Rehman Malik disclosed that during his trip to Afghanistan, he insisted upon President Hamid Karzai to close Baloch training camps. In that background, Brahmdagh Bugti and some other Baloch so-called nationalists left Afghanistan and went to some western countries.

Nevertheless, there are various reasons of growing differences between BRA and UBA. Previously Zarman Marri was more active on media for projecting Balochistan issue and was less inclined towards militancy, while Harbiyar Marri who favours militant activities rather than popular politics, strongly opposed Zarman’s stand. Another cause of rift between BLA and UBA is over arms and ammunition. Militants who joined UBA took along with them weapons and ammunition, while arms dumped in Kahan area were also taken by UBA.

Harbiyar tried his best to retrieve these arms, but his efforts failed. Reports indicate that there is a trust deficit between Brahamdagh and Harbiyar over Rs. 60 million, which Harbiyar reneged, while divergence exists between the leaders of BLA and UBA over foreign-funds which were provided by the US and India. In fact, majority of Baloch feudal lords (Sardars) are struggling against each other to have lion’s share out of enormous resources of Balochistan. For this purpose, many militant groups have developed linkages with anti-Pakistan secret agencies and foreign countries which have rivaling eyes on the resources of Balochistan. Nevertheless, it is also the major cause of fracture between BLA and UBA. Notably, foreign supporters of Baloch separatists have accelerated acts of sabotage in the province through their affiliated-militants, as recently Pakistan has handed over the control of Gwader seaport to China.

It is mentionable that a Gallup survey of the UK official body, DFID, conducted on July 20, 2012, disclosed that the vast majority of the Baloch people oppose the idea of an independent Balochistan. Nonetheless, tribalism is firmly rooted in Balochistan because ethnic and tribal identity is a strong element for both individuals and groups. Hence, deep polarisation among different groups exists, as they have different rules of social organisation. Now, instead of resolving this issue with other Baloch sub-nationalist leaders including his father Khair Bux Marri and his brother Zarman Marri, Harbiyar Marri reportedly relies on the counsel of their commanders for reconciliation. But differences have so deepened among them that there is no chance of reconciliation.

Pakistan Observer

Some More details of Baloch VS Baloch .


Young BaLoch Soldiers

Baloch Youth 2

I stepped towards the stadium, hands in pockets, wearing uniform and field cap. I looked at the banner. Big khuzdar stadium board and a football competition banner was there. The slight sight of football event was vivid . I looked at Major Changaiz who had some how agreed to my proposal, but still carried sign on the face. We both entered. One of kalat team player dodged n kicked the football. The kick entirely missed the target. It never got attention of people as most of the spectators looked at two Army guys standing in uniform, few feet away from side lines watching the match with full attention. It was for few moments and eventually people focused attention on match but still we cud feel eyes on us. Players were good and game was on. The sky was plain n evening was near. Havildar amjad approached major changaiz and asked for permission “Well yes tell them around , distribute pamphlets”. He saluted and in few moments he had a small circle of young men around. The moment words reached people. Few of anxious one started approaching us too . It was a friendly smiling talk . I told smiling group of young men, we are here to disseminate info about the BALOCH recruitment. Its out of routine , we have been allotted seats for recruitments of sepoys and we are trying to desiminate info. They asked Questions, which were answered. It was all lighter talk when I realized the circle is growing more and more and may turn disturbing to players and spectators “ well we are out , when you are finished from match come out , get a chit and know all the procedure” .

Old Baloch lady
It was moments after ,when that empty road outside khuzdar stadium was crowded with people, smiling, anxious, few passer buys , children , aged ones . I always had a different circle. It was not my duty I had just entered the tour on my own to be part of some thing good and so my group always had chit chats , Questions , interactions . From madrassah guys on cycles , to national footballers , to small child carrying english newspaper to anxious young men interacting. My circle grew more. Few asked for taking pics together, few asked for numbers, few were given advices, few told about recruitment process. It was friendly tone that were all over. Khuzdar team lost that day to Kalat but not us in our mission. We had disseminated to a lot of people.
While going back I recalled the few days I had been out on this thing. Going to each school. Meeting students , interacting with teachers, going far off in the villages, sitting across the streams in cave things, interacting with old fellows. Standing with children at cricket pitches with all kinds of their talks.I learned many things, made many friends, helped few in their things, saw and came to know of real Khuzdar and surroundings.

Baloch Youth
The drums beating and loud word of command made me come out of that thinking, those old memories just rushed back to corners pleasantly. I looked at captain Faisal commanding the parade and behind him stood those 200 BALOCH recruits whose passing out was being conducted. The ones I had been part of, few months back.I smiled looked at the surroundings arena, all filled with guests, flags, and then force in the middle.

Khuzdar was like ever with clear skies and gliding winds. In just few months these civilians, village and city guys, had been moulded to a fine soldiery things and its customs. They stood firm and resolute. Their actions on word of command were terrific and in total resonance with each other. I felt proud. When the Pakistani flag came to front and when each recruit uttered oath on top of voice. When words of faith, country, service and loyalty echoed. I felt sparks inside me. I just looked at my side and there I could see few officers repeating it silently in hearts with lips moving. It was an emotional burst. I looked at waving FLAG n got too emotional,the march past took place. Their zeal was evident, their tone spoke it, their march depicted it. The slogan of Allah o akbar had a total manifestation.
Later function was not a concern to me. Speeches amidst had happened which I didn’t care that much yet I just listened .The real thing had happened.

On going out from the seating place, I looked at the young BALOCH soldiers , smiling , proud n confident , standing in stiffed uniform with their family members aside. Few among them that I had interaction looked at me ,smiled. We had celebrations together few nights ago. I smiled back and returned the salute.

200 men that day earned a future, out of their common life they chose to make a destiny. Their worthy decision  Army vs Sardar to hold this green flag and serve nation gave them the realization of their identity and opportunity to prove their selves. Such like men are still there, few as a nomad, few in universities, colleges,schools, out in market, out spending a common man lives.The area holds opportunities, people have talent, life, big hearts, smiling notes , energies, aspirations yet talents is not being translated out . Money is going to looters, few separatist orgs coercing their thoughts with tools of fear, terror, tricks and propaganda. I wish these few understand that coercing their thoughts such is unethical, their actions not approvable by religion and damaging to young men in particular, to common man and to society

I wish one day wen I move out , I see every common man educated , enlightened and prosperous . I wish I see in their eyes the same sparks , same smiles , same determination to be a good part of society as I saw in the BALOCH soldiers that day. I hope to see a far better environment and radiant tomorrow .i hope to see it one day and to tell you , those young BALOCH SOLDIERS are a good part of that prosperous , gleaming tomorrow and shall ever b inshallah

Casual Words

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300 Baloch insurgents being trained in Afghanistan: report

Seven Coal Miners Killed by Bla

^^ Masti Khan Report ^^

ISLAMABAD: At least three hundred Baloch insurgents are getting training across the border to spread unrest in Pakistan, a report stated.

According to Daily Dunya, Pakistani intelligence officials handed over a secret list to Central Investigation Agency (CIA) during a meeting in Washington.

The report published by Rauf Klasra states that insurgents are getting $300 a month as their salary.

It was also mentioned in the report that United States and NATO forces are taking care of Afghan security, thus, they will be held responsible if insurgents from across the border carry out attacks inside Pakistan.

On the other hand, the US officials have rejected Pakistan s report, saying that no such training camps exist in Afghanistan.

In response, the officials have directed the authorities in Quetta to recheck the names and asked for more evidence in this regard.

Duniya News


Afghanistan and India behind BLA: adviser (Dawn News)

Malik says India scuttled his Tajikistan meeting with Brahamdagh (The News)


Balochistan Flood: Pakistan Army VS Baloch Leaders

Flood in the province of Balochistan has left at least half a million people marooned, besides destroying over 2,000 house, but we see Zero efforts from Baloch leaders for the help of flood victims.Below Photos show the Pakistan army work in Balochistan flood and the activities of Baloch leaders:











12,000 patients treated in army’s hospital in flood-affected areas,

Mobilink, Pakistan Navy initiate flood relief efforts in Balochistan

This is the reason, despite of propaganda against army by these so called Baloch leaders, we see this reaction:



Related News about Balochistan Flood:

NUST students donate Rs1m for Balochistan flood victims

NDMA distributed 19250 food packs in Balochistan

Rs80mn released for Balochistan flood-ravaged districts


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Rich Leaders of Poor Province

Speaker Balochistan Assembly Aslam Bhootani with Miss World



Balochistan is considered to be a neglected province where a majority of population lacks basic amenities, but the ruling elite of the province has an entirely different story.



Many members of the club have pieces of land greater in size than some small towns of the country, using precious vehicles rarely seen even in big cities and having more glamorous lifestyle than even royal families of the Arab world.

According to a statement of assets and liabilities submitted to the Election Commission for 2010-2011, Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani uses a luxury sport utility vehicle (Hummer H2) gifted by an unnamed friend from United Arab Emirates (UAE) and a Harley Davidson motorcycle brought to Pakistan after a waiver on customs duty. The price of Hummer and motorcycle has been cited as Rs180 million and Rs3.2 million, respectively. He has two other vehicles, including a land cruiser.

He owns a safety and security firm and a mining company with a capital investment of Rs106.5 million. He also owns over 30 properties valued at Rs150 million in his own and wife’s name.

The Minister for Home and Tribal Affairs, Mir Zafar Ullah Khan, owns 24,338 acres of land, most of which he has inherited and is yet to be distributed. He has Rs51 million in two bank accounts and owns Rs20.7 million house.

The Minister for Building, Agha Irfan Karim, owns four properties, including a farm house, 150 acres of agricultural land and a house in Quetta, but has not mentioned the price, just writing “not evaluated” in the remarks column against the detail of immovable property.

He owns two diamond-studded Rolex wrist watches, two more with gold and silver, 10 diamond-studded cufflinks and 200 tola of gold.

Pir Abdul Qadir Algilani owns 3,200 acres of land in Kalat and Lasbella, and an under-construction farm in Lasbella on 400 acres. His other properties include a two-acre hut in Gaddani. The Pir also has Rs33 million. He has mentioned investment in stocks, too, in his statement.

His other properties include two coal mines, three manganese mines, one cooper mine and one iron ore mine in his own and his wife’s name.

Pir Abdul Qadir has 300 guns issued by the Ordnance depot of the GHQ as his mother’s inheritance from Khan of Kalat, her father. He also owns antiques and gems of unspecified quantity and value.

The Minister for Fisheries, Mir Hammal Kalmati, owns assets worth Rs238 million. He owns seven properties worth Rs238 million and has over Rs28 million in bank accounts.

However, in contrast to most of the cabinet members in Balochistan, the Minister for Higher and Technical Education, Tahir Mehmood Khan, has assets of Rs86.5 million in Quetta. He has jewellery valued at Rs1.5 million and Rs63,600 in two bank

Jan Ali Changezi has no immovable property in or outside Pakistan. The total worth of assets, including furniture, jewellery and cash in hand and bank, comes to Rs1.6 million.

Muhammad Ismael Gujjar owns property worth Rs19.65 million. He has not mentioned the value of a dairy farm, eight commercial vehicles and two unspecified Pakistan-made cars of 2011 models and one Japan-made car of 2007 model. He has around Rs400,000 in two bank accounts.

Sardar Masood Ali Khan owns assets worth Rs235 million, including commercial and residential property, and 500 grams of gold ornaments. He owns no car.

The total worth of Mohammad Younas Mullazai’s assets, including a house and a commercial plot, is Rs5.5 million. He too owns no car.

Ali Madad Jattak has put at Rs7.3 million the value of his house and 18,000 sq feet land he had purchased after selling livestock — 48 camels, 23 cows and buffalos and 525 goats and sheep valued at Rs15.34 million. He has Rs0.5 million in cash and owns no

Ainullah Shams owns a house, agricultural land and open plots worth Rs 12.6 million, but has no bank account and owns no car.

The most valuable thing under possession of Molvi Abdul Samad is his car worth Rs350,000 followed by the share in a house mentioned as Rs50,000. He has put the value of furniture in his use at Rs200,00 and holds the same amount in cash as well. He has Rs3,800 in his bank account.

Syed Matiullah Agha has Rs9.1 million in his bank accounts. He has put the value of his four properties, including agricultural land and plots, at Rs4.5 million. He has an automobile engineering business in Karachi and owns a shop in his v

illage. He also does not owna car.

Asfandyar Khan Kakar has an open plot in Pishin he purchased in an unspecified year for Rs2.8 million, with a present market value of Rs7 million. He has Rs575,315 in two bank accounts, but has no car.

Source: Dawn News

Other than these leaders, Akter Mangal, Brahamdagh Bugti & Hairbiyar Marri are living in abroad from many years, while no one know their source of income.