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Writ of govt in Balochistan


Balochistan, province having its un­i­que geographic impo­rt­ance, hardly witnessed the rest before and after formation of Pakistan. Many factors including international power players, ghastly policies and bad governance had been planting and nourishing unrest in the province.
Tribal culture has been always blamed for dysfunctional democracy. There are numerous Sardars and tribes in the province but only three names Bugti, Marri and Mengal are echoed and talked about all the time. They merely are considered as God Fathers of whole province. Even though the whole Makran division has no tribal system and people there are relevantly educated too. But, other Baloch areas are strictly ruled by Nawabs and Sardars even influence the domestic matters of lay man or their tribal men. They are absolute masters of the faith of their tribal men. The Nawabs and powerful Sardars even being in government did never bother to contribute nor allowed any development to be done in their areas.
For instance, Nawab Aslam Raisani ruled and served as Chief Minister of Balochistan, his area Sarawan and Jhalawan area of Nawab Sana Ullah Zehri president of Muslim League Nawaz have no roads, schools or infrastructure tobe seen there. It’s an open secret that if any development organization, government or non-government aims to start any project, the Sardar or Nawabasks for his share to allow the work to be get done or sometimes ask for the budget in their hands so they will run the project by themselves.
Many organizations abandoned their projects due to this reason. In Musharaf regime and especially in last 5 years of PPP government, Balochistan received the heaviest amount of money. Every MPA received millions for development and every MPA was local of Balochistan province. But the mentality of Nawab and Sardar cannot imagine considering their tribes men as equal human beings but just born to fight their tribal wars and to nourish their superiority, hence, they don’t need education, medical facilities or any other development. Many projects under the chief minister Raisani were approved, processed and completed but unfortunately only on papers while nothing on practical grounds.
This corruption fueled insurgency and paved ways for insurgents who are supported by international power players. And these last 5 years made Balochistan almost ungovernable and to whom leadership of PML-N was very well aware of.
That’s a reason National Party was given a chance. Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch the current CM of Balochistan belongs to Makran and have no tribal background. When this decision was made, everyone, well aware of the facts about Balochistan was of the view that Dr. Malik won’t be able to stand more than few months.
In fact, Sardars and Nawabs in power tried their level best to make it happen. But on other hand Dr. Malik is educated person and he was well aware of the situation he was going to face and these matters and people have to be dealt with patience and systematic strategy which will be time taking for sure. He gradually took control and refused to take pressure of any black-mailing.
Right now the largest and strongest insurgency is led by Dr. Allah Nazar who is lay man of Muhammad Hasni tribe. Large number of educated and illiterate Baloch youth is swiftly realizing that they are kept deprived by their own Nawabs and Sardars who sought and gained all the privileges for themselves but never allowed any development to the people. Fighters of Dr. Allah Nazar without hesitation say that Allah forbids as they get freedom, their first task will be killing of all Nawabs and Sardars.
In such scenario, Dr. Malik as CM of Balochistan is really a positive step by the state and there are no corruption charges on his team so far. Dr. Malik is going wise and gradual. Our problem as a national is that we seek just immediate result and don’t believe in long term systematic strategy, but, history proves that long term planning has always made some productive note-worthy outcomes.
No one can deny that the insurgents are just a group of criminals and their wrong doings like killings, extortion, blackmailing and kidnapping for ransom etc have created resentment in masses against them and in some cases tribesmen stood against them as well. As, these insurgents are supported by international powers with all means, so, the matter has to be dealt wisely.
If, these Sardars and Nawabs, who have been ruling before, are dealt with immediate action against them, they will use the tool of blackmailing and umbrella of Baloch cause that enemies are already utilizing very well against Pakistan. Insurgents or angry Baloch should be brought to the table for negotiation so they can be ceased to trap more young Baloch people.
Dr. Malik is a trusted man by local people, if Pakistan makes serious attempts of negotiation and other side which is expected to go against it will strengthen the case of Pakistan and people of Balochistan who are already furious now by the hands of insurgents will accept the elimination of insurgents.
Many non-Baloch and even Baloch teachers, doctors and other professionals are migrating from Balochistan and no one is ready to work here on the risk of his/her life.

Ghost employees, fake projects and lack of professionals are gifts of influential Sardar and Nawabs. Now, education and employment sectors being gravely important should be worked out on emergency basis.
Recruiting Baloch youth in security forces on relaxed conditions are highly appreciated in Balochistan. National media has played role to glorify these insurgents but it should do some work to create awareness on how are they damaging Baloch people?
FC (Frontier corps) are consisted of personals mostly from KPK province and this has been used widely by insurgents to make their case against state.
Even though many people consider FC as shelter against very poor law and order situation. Still, if FC is replaced with Levies and local people are inducted in Levies, this will really help the state to encounter the propaganda against Pakistan and FC and enhance the confidence of Baloch people.

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Tarek Fatah Fail Propaganda about PM London Visit

Tarek Fatah select one photo and complain why Prime Minster Nawaz Shareif went to london with Punjab CM only, why he did not take Sindh or Balochistan CMs with him (Tarek did not mentioned KPK, as there is no freedom movement there)

Tareq Fatah (1)



But the fact is CM Balochistan was with Prime minister delegation

Tareq Fatah (2)



For Tarek Fatah type Haters, In Pictures: Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif 7th Visit to Balochistan which shows personal interest of the “Punjabi Prime Minister” for development of Baloch people.


Interview with CM Balochistan: Malik says he has power

Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch meeting Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal in the presence of #Pakistan national flag

Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik has refuted the perception that he is a chief executive only in the name and that the actual powers are in the hands of the provincial civil bureaucracy, headed by the chief secretary.

“It is absolutely incorrect to suggest that the chief secretary is the decision-making authority in the province and I am a powerless chief minister,” CM Malik said in an annoyed tone.

“I have all powers and authority prescribed for the provincial chief executive in the Constitution and the chief secretary is discharging his duties in accordance with the rules and procedure,” Malik said in an exclusive interview with The Express Tribune on Tuesday in Islamabad.

Recently, Senator Mir Hasil Bizenjo, acting president of the Balochistan’s ruling National Party (NP), had told the media that the provincial cabinet was a toothless body without any authority.

“We have been given the right to rule the province but we are denied decisions-making powers,” Bizenjo had said.

Dr Malik – who had also served as the president of the ruling NP till his election as the provincial chief minister in June – said that his party’s leader had been quoted by the media out of context.

CM Balochistan himself supervising distribution of items in Awaran

CM Balochistan supervising distribution of items in Awaran

An official in Quetta said the provincial chief secretary – who has been sent from Punjab – was exercising all the administrative powers and there was little role of the chief minister and his cabinet members in decision-making.

Malik defended the chief secretary against the allegations and said the chief secretary and the inspector-general of police, who was also from Punjab, were serving Balochistan with exemplary commitment and remarkable integrity.

Councilors resign

The chief minister admitted that ‘some’ of the newly elected councilors of local bodies from Makran division had resigned their offices after they received life threats by Baloch militants.

“No doubt the newly elected councilors are still being abducted in Makran division by militants,” the CM said.

He claimed that 10 to 12 newly elected councilors resigned their offices after they were abducted by insurgents. All of them had been elected from the chief minister’s own constituency in Makran division which is also his home town.

Dr Malik In awaran (1)

About the improving law and order situation in the province, Malik said the December 7 elections for over 7,000 local bodies’ seats were held in a better security environment as compared to the May 11 general elections. “Over 6,500 councilors have been elected for the local governments,” he added.


Express Tribune


In Conversation With The Chief Minister Of Balochistan

Dr Malik

We recently spoke with Dr. Baloch of the National Party about the challenges his coalition government in Quetta must overcome for peace in Pakistan’s restive province. Excerpts:

How does one quell the violence in Balochistan?

Balochistan’s problems are multidimensional. There is the Baloch insurgency, sectarianism, target killings, and then the large number of kidnappings. I am in the process of preparing a twofold solution: a political and an economic one. The political solution will stress on the need to reconcile with the insurgents. As a first step we will immediately need to rehabilitate families displaced from [areas under the traditional control of the Marri and Bugti tribes] and Quetta.

In your opinion, is Balochistan on the verge of seceding from the federation?

There is no doubt that a school of thought has always existed in Balochistan which believes in separatism. But honestly, I don’t think we have reached a stage where there is no other solution. Let’s not give up. It’s time we negotiate with those who want to secede.

How accurate or inaccurate are claims that Pakistan’s military agencies are responsible for the violence and separatist sentiment in Balochistan?

Hopefully the agencies will work with us and use their power over those they command.

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has suggested India’s involvement in fomenting trouble in Balochistan. What involvement, if any, do you see of foreign countries in creating tensions in your province?

We are in a war zone. To our west is Afghanistan, and NATO is still there, so you cannot rule out the possibility of foreign interference. Now if you ask me who all are involved and to what extent, I have no way of knowing. But in the case of sectarianism, I think we all know. It is quite clear.

It is widely believed that Mullah Omar is alive and running the Afghan Taliban through the Quetta Shura. What can you share about the presence of the Taliban and its affiliates in Balochistan?

I have no idea. I don’t know where Mullah Omar is. As for the Taliban, of course they are operating in Balochistan. They are operating with great impunity in the entire country.

How realistic or reasonable are the claims and figures cited by the leftwing about people who may have gone missing in the province?

There is no exact number of missing persons in Balochistan. Every organization has its own number.  The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has a different figure to the one being cited by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Specifics aside, we should recover those we can and present them in court.

How soon can Balochistan be stabilized?

I am neither that naïve to believe I can solve all of Balochistan’s problems nor am I that pessimistic to think that I can achieve nothing. Let me at least do what I can to help my people as much as I can.

Akbar Bugti was attacking national installations in Balochistan and he was killed alongside Pakistan Army troops who had gone to apparently negotiate with him. Is it acceptable, in your opinion, for tribal chieftains to take up arms against the country?

No, now that is not true. Nawab Bugti was forced to take the decision he did. I was there [in Balochistan]. I saw what was happening and what he was doing. His death spiraled Balochistan into a state of instability.


News Week Pakistan