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Pleasant Changes In Balochistan


Pro Pakistani Tweets From BLA Cyber Team:

BLA Cyber Team Appreciat Pakistan and did Pro-Pakistani Tweets (2)

BLA Cyber Team Appreciat Pakistan and did Pro-Pakistani Tweets (1)


Pakistan Army Cheif In Sui:

Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani inaugurated Sui Miltary College In 2011 With CM Balochistan that time Aslam Raisani

Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani inaugurated Sui Miltary College In 2011 With CM Balochistan that time Aslam Raisani

Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in Sui Miltary College In 2013 With CM Balochistan Dr Malik

Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in Sui Miltary College In 2013 With CM Balochistan Dr Malik


Anti BLA Slogans in Balochistan:

Anti BLA Salogans In Balochistan 2


Anti BLA Salogans In Balochistan 1


Baloch Love For Pakistan Army :

#Pakistan army Jawan with Baloch Youngsters #Balochistan

Old Baloch Woman Love for Pakistan Army Solider


Media show this or Not, But Young Baloch is Watching All This:

Young Baloch With Pakistani Fags


Why They Ask For Freedom By Tahira Baloch

PTV Bolan
Tahira Baloch is a Journalist, affiliated to Pakistan’s first Balochi Channel, the Bolan Tv Network. You can contact her dircetly at her Facebook Group.

Why They Ask For Freedom By Tahira Baloch



Hazara Democratic Party views about Companions & Wives of Holy Prophet(PBUH)

We respcet Companions & Wives of Holy Prophet(PBUH) like Ahl-E-Bait(R.A): Hazra Demoratic Party

HDPOfficial clearly denouncing elements who disrespect Companions& Wives of Holy Prophet(PBUH)

It is already proved that in Balochistan, Both BLA and Lej are same.


Fake Photos about Mashkay Operation by BLA Cyber Team

Earlier, Baloch Fake Ids did  propaganda about Singsela Operation.Now these ids are doing same kind of propaganda about Mashkay Operation.

Here are the reality of the fake photos spread by BLA cyber team about Maskay Operation:

1.) Photo from Facebook page & Twitter Id:

Mashkay Operation_1_1

In actual this photo is from Afghanistan:

Mashkay Operation_1_2

2.) Gojra tragedy photo:

Mashkay Operation_2Another Facebook id spreading the same Photo:

Mashkay Operation_2-2

3.) Fake Photo about Mashkay Operation dead bodies:

Mashkay Operation_3

Original Photo is from June 23-2012Mashkay Operation_3_2


4.) Fake Photo claiming women dead Bodies in Mashkay Operation:

Mashkay Op_4

Original Photo is from May 2011 Kharotabad incident:Mashkay Op_4_1

(Photo Link)


It is stated in previous blog that:

If Baloch Militants attack on security forces,these IDs claim that “Baloch freedom fighter” attacked on “occupied forces”. If security forces attack on Militants, they claim this as “Pakistan army is killing innocent Baloch”.


Balochistan K Haqaiq Awam Se Kyun Chupae Jarahay Hai?

Fawad chaudry, Mir muhammad khan mari, Liaquat Ali toor in Kharra Sach – 1st Oct 2012

[ width=”550″ height=”443″]

Programme Summery:

Mubesher Lucman Said:

* Details of Missing Person is also Missing in Missing Person list. Allot of persons father name or home address are not mentioned.

* Missing Persons issue is not related to Balochistan only, but UN and other human organisation speak only for the missing persons of Balochistan.

* Since 1971, No Non-Baloch become the CM or Govorner of the Balochistan.

* Baloch Sardar gave 6 % tax (Shishik) to English government before 1947.From those collection, some money were paid to Khan of Kalat, and remaining were given  to East Inida Company.

Mohbet Khan Marri Said:

* AKhter Mangle is not the representative of whole Balochistan, he is sitting in Dubai who he can be the whole Balochistan Representative.

* 95 % Baloch are patriotic. The remaining 5 % problem  is not new, people sitting in abroad controlling them.

* My own family members killed due to mines blasts, no one talking about them. Punjabis are also killed by these same groups, they are not sincere with Punjabis nor with Baloch

* Pakistan state did mistake, but more than that our own Baloch people did mistakes. Baloch leaders did not serve Baloch or Balochistan.

Fawad Chudry Said:

* Balochistan Budget is 200 Arab Repees,and its pouplation is 70Lakh, While Punjab population is 8 Karor,and its budget is 700 Arab rupees.Punjab is 10 times bigger in population than Balochistan but its buget is 3 times bigger:

* According to UN, Pakistan is lowest in this region in missing person issue. In Sri Lanka 5600 people missing, in India those are 350. But if you see the propaganda its looks that in world,missing person issue is only in Pakistan:

* In 18th amendance, every province got the ownership of their resources

* There is no operation in Balochistan.

* Akhter Mangle must have courage to codmned the Settlers & Shia Killings. Even the Punjabi leaders,who visited Akhter Mangel, did not speak for the Punjabi Settlers  problem.

* Missing person is not the only issue in Balochistan, But just to defame the agencies, we just pick one issue and remained silent on other issues:

* Minority groups are fighting against Pakistan, but that will not change the border of Pakistan. Do not destory Pakistan state departments on the basis of missing person case.


Reply:An embedded media by Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur


Mir Sohaib Mengal (of BSO-Azad) Mohammad Ali Talpur, wrote in   Daily Times, and these both writers often wrote anti-Pakistan articles.


Mr Ali Talpur  in Daily times wrote about 14 August celebrations in Balochistan , like BLA minded people blame Pakistan media for “ignoring the ground realities”.

After many years, this year 14-Aug celebrations in Balochistan were in very good level as compared to previous 10 years. Unlike previous years, not only FC or Government officials, this time common people of Balochistan also celebrate independence day celebrations.
Balochistan Times in its blog show Independence day celebrations being celebrated in all fields of life.

Mr Talpur praise Daily times that they are neutral in covering Balochistan incidents, and blame all other media that they are sold and only show establishment/State point of view. But fact is in Pakistani media, only Dawn news published a very good and positive report on 14 August celebrations in Balochistan ,and  Except PTV, no other news Channel nor any news site mentioned Son of Khan of Kalat message on Independence day.

While Express Tribune mentioned celebrations news with Bomb blast news in one report, in another report only mentioned bomb blast news again , this Shows that they give more coverage to bomb blast (which was minor) than the Independence celebration.(Express tribune mostly do bias and anti Pakistan reporting about Balochistan)

Ali Talpur further wrote that the problems of Balochistan journalists and blame security forces for this,and mentioned few journalists name but he cleverly missed Ayub Tareen who was threatened By BLF and Abdul Qadir Hajizai who was killed by BLF .

Mr Ali Talpur claimed that Media has always vigorously projected the ‘security state’ ideals, looks funny and very bias when we see the Pakistani media behavior in covering 14-august celebrations in Balochistan. And mentioning the half facts also shows that why he is famous among “BLA-Social” team.


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And Again Wrong Details by Express Tribune about Balochistan incident

Like Mentioned in Previous blog Express Tribune used wrong details to give another shape to the news.

Similarly they do it again today. in the news about threats to university lecturer Nusheen Qambrani, in below the news they mentioned Prof. Saba Dashtiyari ( a well known anti Pakistan professor) target killing.

Unlike the previous report about Hazara Killing, Express tribune did not mentioned any report details here, according to HRW report that Baloch Militants Killing Teachers. Among these Killings, one of patriotic Pakistani Baloch was Muzaffar Jamali he supported Pakistan without caring about the threats of his life. But when he killed with his nephew, media totally ignored this great man.

Among the victoms of Baloch militants, one was Nazima Taliba also: