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Balochistan: Movie VS Reality


Movie VS Reality (1)




Movie VS Reality (2)



Baloch comrades must not ignore anti-Shia terrorists making inroads in Baloch nation


LEJ Balochistan

by Ali Ahsan

In recent years, we have seen Balochistan become engulfed in a multi-layered conflict in Pakistan’s increasingly complex Post-9/11 predicament.

From separatist militancy (or the struggle for freedom, using the Baloch nationalist discourse), history of military operations, FC (Frontier Corps of Pakistan army) heavy handedness, human rights abuses, deliberate purging of ‘settlers’ (mostly of Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi and Urdu-speaking backgrounds), we have also seen an increasingly dangerous aspect of an apparent Shia genocide that has plagued the rest of Pakistan too.

One can easily say that amid violence and chaos in Balochistan, there is even more chaos and intrigue that goes far below the surface too.

One aspect is the role of the anti-Shia terror of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) as well as its “allies” or “mentors” in the rebranded Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (formerly Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan) in Balochistan.

Initially when the reports of target killings of Shias including Hazara and non-Hazara Shias, began in the last decade in Quetta, the usual suspects, thanks to mainstream stereotypes, were the Pashtun-dominated Taliban and their LeJ-ASWJ-SSP allies whose presence in Pashtun parts of Quetta and Pashtun districts of north-east Balochistan became the talk of town.

However, the increasing intensity of the Shia genocide in Balochistan has taken a disturbing twist: a careful analysis of available information (news reports, videos, demographics) would reveal that while some acts of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terror acts in Balochistan are caused by radicalized Pashtuns or Punjabis, most are done by local radicalized Baloch. While the masterminds may be based in Jhang or Rawalpindi, the actual footsoldiers happen to be the newly emerging sectarian breed of Balochs.

This author spoke briefly with various senior journalists from Quetta (whose name he would prefer not to disclose) many months back, and he was surprised when almost all the journalists and reporters revealed that majority of LeJ operations and planning is taking place in Baloch-concentration areas.

It was also revealed that whenever local police attempted to do search operations in wake of Shia killings in Quetta, their information almost always led them to raid the Baloch areas of Sariyab Road each and every time – and some of the killings of Shias have also taken place in that very area.

Now it is also apparent that areas like Sariyab Road are considered a hub of Baloch nationalist-separatist activity, but the LeJ dimension of Sariyab Road adds another twist in the tale.

I know that this blog (LUBP) sympathises and supports Baloch struggle for separation/freedom, however, it should also consider that anti-Shia sectarian militancy is also making inroads in Baloch nation.

A viral video has made rounds online where a Quetta bus carrying Shia pilgrims was stopped by masked terrorists in Mastung (September 2011), and where all Shias (including Hazara and non-Hazara Shias) in the bus were rounded up and shot dead in cold blood. Upon closer inspection of that video, it turns out that the killers of those Shia pilgrims were not speaking Pashtu or Punjabi – as the common stereotype is – but Brahvi mixed with some Balochi. Brahvi speaking people are an integral part of the Baloch nation.

In recent times the Baloch city of Mastung – an traditional stronghold of Baloch politics – has become a hotbead of anti-Shia killings and many deadly acts of terror have been carried out against Shias in and around Mastung where the local language is both Brahvi and Balochi.

This surprising new dimension made the author approach some local Bangulzai people of Mastung (names withheld), and even they confirmed that yes, LeJ terror acts are carried out by local radicalized Baloch militants. They even said that the Mastung streets are now littered with anti-Shia wall chalkings in many localities.

The recent bold show of Muhammad Malick on Dunya with Amir Mateen talking about Shia Genocide in Balochistan also revealed that LeJ was taking hold in otherwise secular Baloch nation; he also the names of the LeJ activists roaming free and carrying out their dirty deeds – all of the names were Baloch (e.g., Saifullah Kurd and Shafeeq Rind who escaped high security anti terrorist jail in Quetta cantonment with the alleged connivance of the security agencies).

Listen to Amir Mateen in the above video at 04:30 “All of the sectarian terrorists nabbed in Balochistan are 100% Baloch. Religious extremism is being spread in the otherwise tolerant Baloch nation.”

Such revelations from diverse sources, mixed with careful examination of news reports of Shia Genocide in Balochistan, and a bit of independent research makes the Baloch-dimension of the killings become a real shocking and disturbing aspect of the country-wide Shia genocide taking place in Pakistan, right from Quetta to Gilgit and from Karachi to Parachinar.

As earlier stated, Mastung is a Baloch city and that is a LeJ-ASWJ-SSP stronghold now. Of course, several of such radicalized anti-Shia Balochs are working as mercenaries in Saudi-Bahrain suppression of pro-democracy demonstrations in Bahrain. Some of them are also aligned with Jundullah, have racist tendencies against entire Iranian nation (instead of Iranian ruling elites) and mourn when Jundullah terrorists were nabbed by Iran. Baloch Nationalist Front (BNF) and others officially declared mourning for the execution of Abdul Malik Rigi, who was Iranian version of Pakistan’s Malik Ishaq or Iraq’s version of Abu Musab Zarqawi, in hatred and murder of Shias. Here are two of several incidents of Shia genocide conducted and claimed by Jundullah: 32 Shias were killed on Imam Hussain’s birthday in Zahidan in July 2010, and another 38 were killed in December 2010 in an attack on Imam Hussain Mosque.

Balochs have been very tolerant to Shias and other minority groups. Hindus have lived most peacefully in Balochistan.. Baloch-Brahvi society always been heterogenous, all-welcoming. I knew plenty in real life, they are lovely folk. However, radicalized Balochs do not represnt all Balochs; same way a few Punjabi/Pashtun degenerates do NOT represent all Pashtuns and Punjabis. I am NOT judging whole of Baloch nation as “sectarian monsters” as I dont judge Pashtuns Punjabis either.




Indian Involvement in Balochistan According to An Anti Pakistan Journalist

Ahmar Mustikhan is a journalist of longstanding from Balochistan. He wrote many anti ISI articles on different news sites and also delivered anti-Pakistan speech in UN.

He is among those few Pakistan haters, Who even believe 9-11 was done by Pakistan :

Ahmar MastiKhan

In his news report , Ahmar MastiKhan, mentioned Former communist Zaffar Baloch :
Zaffar Baloch

Ahmar Masti Khan further states:

The two Indian moles, who allegedly got as much as $2 million apiece from R.A.W. over the last decade, have been accused of supporting violence and terrorism in Balochistan.

At least one Virginia-based man, who is nephew of a former Pakistan ambassador and who sometimes says he is Sindhi and other times says he is a Baloch, also got a big bite from the R.A.W. monies.



Pakistan hands Balochistan meddling proof to India

Balochistan in India_1

ISLAMABAD – Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani on Saturday said that evidence regarding involvement of India in Balochistan unrest had been presented to New Delhi and it should move ahead for dialogue process rather than indulging in bale game.

Talking to reporters here after attending a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, foreign secretary said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif raised this issue with Indian Premier Manmohan Singh in their New York meeting.

“Pakistan also presented the evidence of foreign hands in Balochistan violence before the relevant forum,” he said, without naming the forum. “We have provided the evidence to whom it was needed to be provided,” he said, adding that this evidence has already been presented before the Senate of Pakistan.

Balochistan in India_2
The secretary said Pakistan would continue raising all the issues including Kashmir, water and terrorism with India at all forums. But, he stressed that there was dire need that all issues with India should be resolved through dialogue. “There is no option other than dialogue to resolve all issues,” he said, adding that Pakistan wanted negotiated settlement of all outstanding issues with India including Kashmir.

Some of our Indian brothers don't know how to make a real Baloch profile.
He opined the issue of terrorism could not be resolved through blame game and both countries should make efforts to get rid of it. “Terrorism is as serious concern for Pakistan as that for India,” he said. He urged India to come to negotiating table instead of making hue and cry and levelling baseless allegations against Pakistan.
To a question, the foreign secretary said the prime minister would raise the issue of drone attacks during his upcoming meeting with US President Barack Obama and the issue would be raised at all other relevant forums as well. Pakistan considers that drone strikes are against its sovereignty and integrity, and the same sense prevailed within the UN against the drone attacks, he said. He informed UN Secretary General Ban Ki Mon had recently expressed his concern over drone attacks.


Security forces seize more than 100 tons explosives in Quetta


QUETTA: The Frontier Corps (FC) claimed to have foiled a major terror bid by seizing more than 100 tons explosives from Quetta, the capital of troubled Balochistan province on Tuesday night.

Commandant FC, Colonel Maqbool told reporters that the forces seized a huge quantity of explosive material during a raid at a warehouse in New Addah area of Quetta.

“Forces recovered 104,480 kilograms of explosive materials from the godown,” he informed.

Maqbool said the explosive material include potassium chloride, aluminum chloride, improvised explosive devices, detonators, circuit wires and other arms and ammunition during the operation.

He said the forces have picked up 10 suspected militants also during the operation that lasted for more than an hour. “All suspects have been shifted for interrogation,” Maqbool said.

Senior FC and police officers are interrogating the suspects picked up by forces.

“For the first time in the history of country, such huge quantity of explosives have been seized,” the FC commandant said, adding that the forces deserve to be appreciated for their efforts.

He said the miscreants had made secret rooms and planted explosive materials in five rooms to carry out subversive activities in Quetta, plagued by sectarian violence and attacks by Baloch separatists.

Maqbool said the same explosive material was used in Hazara town bombing on April 16, which had left more than 100 people dead. “These explosive materials could be used in suicide jackets as well,” he added.

All explosives were shifted to an unknown location and the bomb disposal squad was called in to sweep the area. Extra FC troops were also called in the area to maintain the order.

The operations were carried out after a series of bombings in Quetta that claimed scores of precious lives. Balochistan in general and Quetta city in particular are under the grip of rocketing, bombings and targeted killings for last more than a decade.



Rift between Baloch militant groups

Baloch Sardars

Relative of Three famous Baloch Sardars are heading three different Baloch Militants Group. These three sardars also had political and tribal fights with each other in past.

Sunday, April 07, 2013 – Although some foreign elements have been maintaining unanimity among various Baloch militant groups to continue subversive acts in the province of Balochistan in order to dismember Pakistan, yet besides other insurgent outfits, rift has especially been widened between the leaders of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and United Balochistan Army (UBA) due to personal rivalries and jealousies.

Harbiyar Marri’s lust for power and desire to exercise total control over BLA so as to project himself as its absolute leader compelled Zarman Marri to establish his own militant outfit, namely, UBA which was formed with the approval of Khair Bux Marri. And formation of UBA has diluted the collective power of BLA. It is notable that Zarman is brother-in-law of separatist leader, Brahamdagh Bugti, having close relationship with him, while the BRA-UBA nexus through Brahamdagh, has resulted into the joint militant activities such as targeted killings, suicide attacks, bomb blasts, hostage-takings and assaults on the security personnel including Hazara communities. Their militants kidnapped and massacred many innocent people—teachers, professors, lawyers etc. Besides targeting Punjabis and other ethnic minorities in the province, they also kidnapped Iranian and Chinese nationals. They arranged subversive acts in the Iranian Sistan-Baluchistan. In this regard, Tehran had directly named CIA for funding of terrorist attacks. However, these insurgent groups which are being supported by American CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad have claimed responsibility for many acts of sabotage. Based in Afghanistan, these secret agencies also supply arms and weapons to these separatist elements, as Pakistan’s civil and military leadership has repeatedly disclosed this fact. In the recent past, Rehman Malik disclosed that during his trip to Afghanistan, he insisted upon President Hamid Karzai to close Baloch training camps. In that background, Brahmdagh Bugti and some other Baloch so-called nationalists left Afghanistan and went to some western countries.

Nevertheless, there are various reasons of growing differences between BRA and UBA. Previously Zarman Marri was more active on media for projecting Balochistan issue and was less inclined towards militancy, while Harbiyar Marri who favours militant activities rather than popular politics, strongly opposed Zarman’s stand. Another cause of rift between BLA and UBA is over arms and ammunition. Militants who joined UBA took along with them weapons and ammunition, while arms dumped in Kahan area were also taken by UBA.

Harbiyar tried his best to retrieve these arms, but his efforts failed. Reports indicate that there is a trust deficit between Brahamdagh and Harbiyar over Rs. 60 million, which Harbiyar reneged, while divergence exists between the leaders of BLA and UBA over foreign-funds which were provided by the US and India. In fact, majority of Baloch feudal lords (Sardars) are struggling against each other to have lion’s share out of enormous resources of Balochistan. For this purpose, many militant groups have developed linkages with anti-Pakistan secret agencies and foreign countries which have rivaling eyes on the resources of Balochistan. Nevertheless, it is also the major cause of fracture between BLA and UBA. Notably, foreign supporters of Baloch separatists have accelerated acts of sabotage in the province through their affiliated-militants, as recently Pakistan has handed over the control of Gwader seaport to China.

It is mentionable that a Gallup survey of the UK official body, DFID, conducted on July 20, 2012, disclosed that the vast majority of the Baloch people oppose the idea of an independent Balochistan. Nonetheless, tribalism is firmly rooted in Balochistan because ethnic and tribal identity is a strong element for both individuals and groups. Hence, deep polarisation among different groups exists, as they have different rules of social organisation. Now, instead of resolving this issue with other Baloch sub-nationalist leaders including his father Khair Bux Marri and his brother Zarman Marri, Harbiyar Marri reportedly relies on the counsel of their commanders for reconciliation. But differences have so deepened among them that there is no chance of reconciliation.

Pakistan Observer

Some More details of Baloch VS Baloch .


Hazara Democratic Party views about Companions & Wives of Holy Prophet(PBUH)

We respcet Companions & Wives of Holy Prophet(PBUH) like Ahl-E-Bait(R.A): Hazra Demoratic Party

HDPOfficial clearly denouncing elements who disrespect Companions& Wives of Holy Prophet(PBUH)

It is already proved that in Balochistan, Both BLA and Lej are same.