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Balochistan K Haqaiq Awam Se Kyun Chupae Jarahay Hai?

Fawad chaudry, Mir muhammad khan mari, Liaquat Ali toor in Kharra Sach – 1st Oct 2012

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Programme Summery:

Mubesher Lucman Said:

* Details of Missing Person is also Missing in Missing Person list. Allot of persons father name or home address are not mentioned.

* Missing Persons issue is not related to Balochistan only, but UN and other human organisation speak only for the missing persons of Balochistan.

* Since 1971, No Non-Baloch become the CM or Govorner of the Balochistan.

* Baloch Sardar gave 6 % tax (Shishik) to English government before 1947.From those collection, some money were paid to Khan of Kalat, and remaining were given  to East Inida Company.

Mohbet Khan Marri Said:

* AKhter Mangle is not the representative of whole Balochistan, he is sitting in Dubai who he can be the whole Balochistan Representative.

* 95 % Baloch are patriotic. The remaining 5 % problem  is not new, people sitting in abroad controlling them.

* My own family members killed due to mines blasts, no one talking about them. Punjabis are also killed by these same groups, they are not sincere with Punjabis nor with Baloch

* Pakistan state did mistake, but more than that our own Baloch people did mistakes. Baloch leaders did not serve Baloch or Balochistan.

Fawad Chudry Said:

* Balochistan Budget is 200 Arab Repees,and its pouplation is 70Lakh, While Punjab population is 8 Karor,and its budget is 700 Arab rupees.Punjab is 10 times bigger in population than Balochistan but its buget is 3 times bigger:

* According to UN, Pakistan is lowest in this region in missing person issue. In Sri Lanka 5600 people missing, in India those are 350. But if you see the propaganda its looks that in world,missing person issue is only in Pakistan:

* In 18th amendance, every province got the ownership of their resources

* There is no operation in Balochistan.

* Akhter Mangle must have courage to codmned the Settlers & Shia Killings. Even the Punjabi leaders,who visited Akhter Mangel, did not speak for the Punjabi Settlers  problem.

* Missing person is not the only issue in Balochistan, But just to defame the agencies, we just pick one issue and remained silent on other issues:

* Minority groups are fighting against Pakistan, but that will not change the border of Pakistan. Do not destory Pakistan state departments on the basis of missing person case.