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Mahmood Mohyuddin Al-Gillani–Grand Son of Khan of Kalat Ahmed Yar Khan

Mahmood Mohyuddin Al-GillaniMahmood Mohyuddin Al-Gillani: Son of Tahir Allauddin Al-Qadri Al-Gillani.

Tahir Allauddin Al-Qadri, 17th descendant of the Shaykh Abdul-Qadir Gilani and the 28th descendant of Islamic prophet Muhammad (SAW), was a Sufi leader who migrated to Quetta, Balochistan, and married the daughter of the Khan of Kalat Ahmed Yar Khan.

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Khan of Kalat Grand Son Message on Pakistan Independence Day

Khan of Kalat Son:

“میرے دادا نے مجے ٢ باتیں بولی تھی: ایک کبھی اپنا ایمان نہیں بیچنا اوراپنے  ملک (پاکستان)کے ساتھ کبھی غداری نہیں  کرنا  “


On whose order Balochistan joined Pakistan

The Grand Son of Khan of Kalat Prince Umer telling the history…


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