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Tarek Fatah Fail Propaganda about PM London Visit

Tarek Fatah select one photo and complain why Prime Minster Nawaz Shareif went to london with Punjab CM only, why he did not take Sindh or Balochistan CMs with him (Tarek did not mentioned KPK, as there is no freedom movement there)

Tareq Fatah (1)



But the fact is CM Balochistan was with Prime minister delegation

Tareq Fatah (2)



For Tarek Fatah type Haters, In Pictures: Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif 7th Visit to Balochistan which shows personal interest of the “Punjabi Prime Minister” for development of Baloch people.


Malik Siraj Lies About Imran Khan

Imran Khan in Quetta

Yet another propaganda base piece by Malik Siraj Akber, this time he pick Imran Khan.

On Baloch Hal blog, First Malik Siraj twist Imran Khan statement than to make his propaganda post more colourful he added Drone, talban and USA issue in that.

Mr Siraj just pick half line of Imran Khan statement which he gave after coming from his India`s visit.

According to the link Mr Siraj gave about Imran Khan speech, clearly state that Imran Said “Delhi believe Pakistan is involve in Kashmir and Islamabad says that India is involve in Balochistan”. No where Imran Khan states that he believe that India is involve in Balochistan, He just expressed the views of both capitals.

But Mr Siraj take this statement as if Imran Khan gave this verdict that India is involve in Balochistan.

Mr Siraj further try to make Imran Khan as spoke person of ISPR, before going on that , Malik Siraj also need to reconsider his judgement that most Baloch take Pakistan as ‘foreign’ force in Balochistan. If it was true than more than 20,000 Balochistan locals were not going to join Pakistan army.

Other than this, Balochistan ex-CM Akhter Magel also believe that foreign countries are involved in Balochistan, even anti Pakistan journalist Masti Khan also write about Indian involvement in Balochistan.

Mr Siraj declare Imran Khan as Talban apologist as he oppose military operation in FATA , but the complete truth is Imran Khan oppose military operation whether its FATA or its Balochistan, While Mr Siraj oppose military operation in Balochistan and declare others Talban apologist if they oppose military operation in FATA, but Imran Khan dont have double standards like Malik Siraj.

Imran Khan is against Operation in Balochistan, against the “death squads” in Balochistan, against the extra judiciary missing of peoples, all these are pro-establishment  are anti establishment stance ? Judge yourself.



The Baloch Interest In Voting and Malik Siraj Propaganda


It is not new that when a positive development happened in Balochistan, Baloch Hal do propaganda about that. 

I do remember continuous “Baloch hal” articles against Akhter Mangle when he decided to return Pakistan and planned to participate in Election 2013.

Similarly, now when Balochistan deserves praise for being the first in the federation to hold local government polls , Malik Siraj come again with his propaganda.

Siraj feel sad why less than half polling station were declared as “Sensitive” polling station. He does not even know there is only two security personnel difference in Normal,sensitive and highly sensitive polling stations. In highly sensitive polling station, 11 security personnel were deployed.

These security person to deployed to keep peace in those polling stations, as during local body election the grouping and political affiliation increase 10 times than the general election that is why to avoid any kind of mishap this deployment is normal. We should appreciate Balochistan police and FC for their effort as there was no significant incident of violence happened during LB election.

Most important point is to know the interest of people in election, voter turn out is taken as reference,not the security arrangements.

Mr Siraj did not write any thing about voter turn out. Why ?

In earlier post its was mentioned that in 2008 General election vote turn out in Balochistan was 32 %, and in 2013 the voter turn out was more than 34 %.

And local body election, in many area of Balochistan voter turn out was more than 50 %.

Dawn news quotes voter turn out as:

The overall turnout stood at 45 per cent in Quetta district and the turnout stood at 70 per cent in Mastung, Nushki (65 per cent) Pishin (55 per cent) Jhal Magsi (50 per cent) Nasirabad, Kohlu, Qila Abdullah, Sibi and Kuchhi (45 per cent) Jaffarabad, Qila Saifullah, Dera Bugti, Musakhel and Shirani (40 per cent) and Barkhan (35 per cent), But in Gwadar and Panjgur, the turnout was estimated at 15 and 20 per cent, respectively.

Than Mr Siraj after hiding the voter turn out data, claim that as 3000 candidate were elected unopposed because “there were not enough people willing to participate in the elections

But fact is for more than 4500 seats, there were more than 18,000 candidates who participate in election, and only 508 seats have remained vacant because no candidate has filed nomination papers for them.

So Mr Siraj, among 45,000 seats, Only 508 seats people show no interest in election. Arranging elections is also important and vote turn out should be the benchmark to decide how smoothly Balochistan is heading toward normalization


Re: Awaran II — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Mr Mohammad Ali Talpur is famous on writing only negative and anti Pakistan things in his articles in Pakistan`s English news paper Daily Times.

Like his previous writings, Ali Tapur still doing propaganda against Pakistan and its army when Balochistan is facing Earthquake damages, and only Pakistan army is there to help the victims.

According to the Ali Talpur the rescue operation is on paper only, and not so much scene on ground, as CM Balochistan Dr Malik and his “mentors” do not seem to be on same page.. BUT

Fact is on ground, Army helicopter used to carry Baloch victims from Awaran to Karachi for medical treatment despite of the attacks of Baloch Liberation front, the so called freedom fighters.

About CM Balochistan, After back from UK, Dr Malik is in Awaran and monitoring the rescue operation with army Pakistan army:

CM Balochistan himself supervising distribution of items in Awaran

With the reference of BBC once report, Talapur claim that ” Teertej’s people turned them away for good because of hatred for FC and Army ,BUT this photo deny this assumption:


Mr Talpur quote BSO-Azad member and claim that Sarmachars trust people. But actually dawn news quoteWhen asked why not even a single person responded to Pakistan Zindabad, a young Baloch man replied: “The armymen will leave at some point but we have to continue to live here. The BLF men will harm us.

Than Mr Talpur tell us the story of Labach village, and again miss this fact:

Army jawan helping an elderly person while carrying the relief goods distributed by Pakistan Army in earthquake

Rather than thanking CM punjab for donating Rs 100 million cheque, he claimed that this aid will not reach to Awaran victims and twist the thanks into his propaganda by comparing that with an on-going court case. Talpur clearly did not mentioned that Punjab govt already handed over good to NDMA for victims

From Punjab

Other activities of punjab “death squads”: Punjab to build modern hospital in Awaran: CM , Balochistan relief: Punjab MPAs give 21 truckloads of supplies

How Mr Talpur twist CNIC requirement to get help is truly is pathetic. He wrote  victims to prove they are Pakistanis to qualify for aid. Strange, if those people hate Pakistan so much, than why they were coming to Pakistani officials to get help? Where is the “gharit” of Baloch than ?

Requirement of CNIC card is procedural step so that more and more people get help without repetition and later for any other schemes of aid, Governament already have the information of victims.

Few BLA cyber team may also do propaganda, that most of the people lost their homes where they bring their CNIC cards? For those people, NADRA mobile team is already working in these area:

Nadra Mobile Van


Reply:An embedded media by Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur


Mir Sohaib Mengal (of BSO-Azad) Mohammad Ali Talpur, wrote in   Daily Times, and these both writers often wrote anti-Pakistan articles.


Mr Ali Talpur  in Daily times wrote about 14 August celebrations in Balochistan , like BLA minded people blame Pakistan media for “ignoring the ground realities”.

After many years, this year 14-Aug celebrations in Balochistan were in very good level as compared to previous 10 years. Unlike previous years, not only FC or Government officials, this time common people of Balochistan also celebrate independence day celebrations.
Balochistan Times in its blog show Independence day celebrations being celebrated in all fields of life.

Mr Talpur praise Daily times that they are neutral in covering Balochistan incidents, and blame all other media that they are sold and only show establishment/State point of view. But fact is in Pakistani media, only Dawn news published a very good and positive report on 14 August celebrations in Balochistan ,and  Except PTV, no other news Channel nor any news site mentioned Son of Khan of Kalat message on Independence day.

While Express Tribune mentioned celebrations news with Bomb blast news in one report, in another report only mentioned bomb blast news again , this Shows that they give more coverage to bomb blast (which was minor) than the Independence celebration.(Express tribune mostly do bias and anti Pakistan reporting about Balochistan)

Ali Talpur further wrote that the problems of Balochistan journalists and blame security forces for this,and mentioned few journalists name but he cleverly missed Ayub Tareen who was threatened By BLF and Abdul Qadir Hajizai who was killed by BLF .

Mr Ali Talpur claimed that Media has always vigorously projected the ‘security state’ ideals, looks funny and very bias when we see the Pakistani media behavior in covering 14-august celebrations in Balochistan. And mentioning the half facts also shows that why he is famous among “BLA-Social” team.


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